• Andy

      Hi Warren,
      Thanks for your question. Yes Wealthy affiliate is still going strong and the training is being updated regularly. My advice is to create your free starter account to check it out to see the extent of what is offered. There’s no obligation so you have nothing to lose by having a look around.

  1. Lovering Hayward

    Good job! Sounds great! Before I read your review I was afraid that upon joining Wealthy Affiliate I would be technically overwhelmed. No longer Filled with mechanics of the internet dread, my mind is racing forward toward creative solutions to the marketing problems of niches that I love.

    • Andy

      Hi thanks for your enquiry.
      It is true that it’s a big learning curve and if you take on too much at once it can be overwhelming. But if you take it step by step and follow the training methodically and go at your own pace, you’ll be in a good place.

    • Andy

      Hi james,
      Thanks for your question. I’m just starting out in my online business venture and just getting through the training myself. I’ve written this review as a personal insight into Wealthy Affiliate and how it has helped me to get started without the headaches of figuring it out on my own, with the hope of helping others find a legitimate online education program. This one that I completely trust and has helped me achieve my goals this far.

      • Kyle

        Hey Andy how are you going to make the trip to Las Vegas with Kyle and Carson if you are just starting out like you just told James?

        • Andy

          Hi Kyle,
          Thanks for your question. Well we all have to start somewhere don’t we? I like helping people find the answers to their problems And that’s My main goal.

  2. James

    Wow, so glad to hear Jaaxy is now free! It was an upsell when I first joined a few years ago

    Thanks for the update!


    • Andy

      Hi james,
      Jaxxy is a great keyword research tool and it is free to use inside wealthy affiliate for a limited number of results but it still gives a lot of info for your campaigns. It’s good to note that there is also upgrade options if you need more research results but there’s no pressure to do so. You can use the free version for as long as you are a member.

  3. Suzie

    I didn’t see anything about creating sales funnels and auto responders. Is that a part of being an affiliate marketer? If so is it included in the training? I find writing emails for an auto responder to be very overwhelming! Thanks!!

    • Andy

      Hi Suzie, Sales funnels can be very lucrative if set up correctly, usually used if you have your own product. If you are an affiliate marketer, promoting somebody else’s product you don’t necessarily need a funnel. However having a way to turn your visitors into customers of your own it is a good idea to have a squeeze page. You can find training within Wealthy affiliate on how to implement these strategies, and from the community as well so you’ll never be stuck.

  4. James Faust

    I am very interested in learning about your
    Wealthy Affiliate programs. Please summarize the monthly costs for each program.
    Thank you,
    James Faust

  5. Joy

    Hi Ansdy, Thanks for your review. I’m still confused as to how you actually make money? And can you do it through instagram?

    • Andy

      Thanks for your question, sorry for the delay in response. With wealthy affiliate you make money a number of ways, either with your own product so that people can find you online through a website, or as an affiliate. This is where you do not need your own product but you have a simple review site to promote someone elses products, which you then earn a commission from. hope this helps.

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